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Nazareth’s Civil Rights Journey

March 19, 2021

We shine the light on Nazareth’s Civil Rights Journey, an extraordinary immersive learning experience that we have been offering for several years. Meet guide Reggie Harris, who partners with Nazareth to lead this life-changing trip. Hear from Nazareth students who have attended the journey and their transformative take-aways. Harris also talks about his week-long fellowship at Nazareth that starts Sunday, March 21. 


  • Reggie Harris is co-president of the board and director of music for the Living Legacy Project, Nazareth’s community partner for the Civil Rights Journey. He has earned distinction as one of the foremost interpreters and song leaders of the music of the Underground Railroad and the modern Civil Rights movement. Most recently, Reggie received the Folk Alliance International Spirit of Folk and W.E.B. Du Bois Legacy awards.
  • Jamie Fazio is Nazareth College’s Catholic Chaplain and has been on several Civil Rights Journeys.

  • Rameen Copeland ‘20, ‘21G is a graduate student studying global business & leadership. He holds graduate assistantships with both the Center for Spirituality and the Center for Service-Learning.

  • Serena Viktor ‘20, ‘21G is in the final semester of her master’s of social work program at Nazareth College; she also holds a bachelor’s of social work from Nazareth. She co-facilitates an empowerment group for Women of Color. She also has been awarded the Nazareth College Presidential Civic Engagment Award for her tireless work in campaigning for racial justice, solidarity, and equity within the Nazareth community and the Rochester area. Ms. Viktor plans on pursuing a law degree and establishing a non-profit organization in Zambia to advocate for mental health services for women and girls. She is a board member for Worker Justice Center New York, helping to raise funding and advocating for effective policy solutions rooted in research-based policy innovation. 

  • Carolyn Carlic ’23 is a sophomore majoring in environmental science and sustainability and minoring in religious studies. She traveled on the Civil Rights Journey in January 2020 and this has shaped her career goals toward work in environmental justice.

  • Nate Allen ‘23 is a sophomore majoring in finance. He’s currently taking courses in economics and leadership & ethics and is part of the men’s tennis team and volleyball team.

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